AlgaeCal Plus #120




Product Description

Algaecal® Plus is a plant source of calcium and vital bone building minerals derived from a South American Algae called Algas Calcareas™.

Algas Calcareas™ is USDA and IFOAM certified organic, making AlgaeCal the perfect calcium supplement for Vegetarians.

This whole food calcium complex is also enhanced with the essential bone supporting ingredients, vitamin D3, vitamin K2 and Boron glycinate to create the clinically proven bone health builder, AlgaeCal® Plus.


Dosage: 3 capsules per day for prevention or maintenance, 2 capsules per day for bone growth. Take with meals

Precautions: For optimal results, do not take strontium together with calcium because these two chemically similar minerals compete at the sites of absorption. Best to take your strontium first thing in the morning, half an hour to an hour before breakfast, or three hours after the last meal of the day. Take your AlgaeCal Plus calcium supplement separately, with a meal.

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