LB Core Protocol



Product Description

Practitioner formulated, whole herb, full-spectrum protocol based on Stephen Buhner’s book, Healing Lyme.

These plant ingredients are of the highest quality, and are organic or ecologically wild-harvested.

Capsule Size: 550mg

Bottle Size: 336 Capsules

Supplemental Facts:

Three capsules contain:

Japanese Knotweed root, 500 mg, wild-harvested from NE United States

Cat’s Claw vine bark, 500 mg, wild-harvested from Peru

Andrographis herb, 430 mg, organically harvested from India

Sarsaparilla root, 110 mg, wild-harvested from Jamaica/Mexico

Dandelion herb, 110 mg, organically harvested from NE United States

Other ingredients: cellulose (vegetarian capsules)

Product Cautions:

Andrographis has created an allergic response in about 1% of those taking it. This manifests as a full body rash or hives when first taking it, which is then relieved over time when the herb is stopped. Discontinue the use of Japenese knotweed 10 days prior to surgery. It has blood-thinning properties. Do not use protocol if pregnant or trying to get pregnant, and consult a practitioner if breastfeeding. Only take LB Core Protocol under direct supervision of your doctor.


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