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Product Description

How the NolaRola Works
Most physical activity, even just standing erect, puts strain on our back muscles. Blood vessels and nerves pass through these muscles and can become constricted or pinched when over-stressed muscles remain tight and contracted for extended periods.

The NolaRola was designed to deeply massage and relax these hard-to-reach muscles, gently stretch the back, and stimulate important pressure points all along the spine. This results in easing of tension and pain, stimulates circulation, and renews energy. In addition to working these important muscles along the spine, the NolaRola’s unique design can be applied to every muscle group, from neck to toe.

When to Use the NolaRola
To get the most benefit from your NolaRola, experiment with it, get to know its capabilities, and where, and how long, to use it for the most help and relaxation. Used regularly for a few minutes at a time, you will find you can keep ahead of painful tension, and the tender spots will become less and less severe. Your own experience will tell you the locations that help you the most.

Many people tell us they keep their NolaRola by their bedside, and use it to help them relax before they go to sleep.

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