CranioSacral Therapy: Touchstone for Natural Healing – by John E. Upledger




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Many patients at the Kaplan Medical Center find great relief from their chronic pain through CranioSacral Therapy. We recommend John Upledger’s CranioSacral Therapy: Touchstone for Natural Healing to individuals who are interested in understanding the energetic processes and benefits of the alternative therapy. In this book, the founder of CranioSacral therapy tells the story of its development in the 1970s and outlines its methods, practices, differences from similar therapies, and superiority to invasive treatments such as surgery. Dr. Upledger uses stories from his patients’ and his own experiences to describe the methods and benefits of this fast-growing therapy. CranioSacral therapy improves the central nervous system, strengthens resistance to disease, enhances overall health, and treats a wide range of ailments, including learning disabilities, autism, post-traumatic stress, and cancer. Using a lighter touch than other techniques, this method mobilizes the pressure of cerebrospinal fluid and the bioelectrical connectivity of fascial tissue to affect sites of physical and emotional trauma.

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