Dispel Invasion Liquid 1oz

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Product Description

Used for colds and flu, aversion to cold or wind, mild fever, possible chills, dull headache, nasal congestion, stiff neck and shoulders, achy joints or generalized body soreness without sweating.

Ingredients: Schizonepeta herb‚ Siler root‚ Perilla leaf‚ Notopterygium root‚ Poria‚ Platycodon root‚ Sichuan lovage root‚ Bupleurum root‚ Bitter orange mature fruit‚ Chinese licorice root‚ Dried ginger root

(Jing jie‚ Fang feng‚ Zi su ye‚ Qiang huo‚ Fu ling kuai‚ Jie geng‚ Chuan xiong‚ Chai hu‚ Zhi ke‚ Gan cao‚ Gan jiang)

Dosage: 8-16 drops, 2-3 times daily

Precautions: consult a health care professional before use

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