Unstuck – by James S. Gordon, M.D.




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Chronic pain and depression are closely linked, each one encouraging the manifestation of the other. At the Kaplan Medical Center, we see a number of patients who have a difficult time healing from physical pain because their emotional trauma affects them so deeply.  We approach the treatment of depression holistically, aiming to treat both mind and body and not simply relying on anti-depressant medication to do so.

Dr. James Gordon’s Unstuck nicely complements our integrative approach to treating depression. Unstuck is a practical, easy-to-use guide explaining the seven stages of Dr. Gordon’s approach and the steps we can take to exert control over our own lives and find hope and happiness. The book is designed for anyone who is suffering from depression, from mild subclinical depression (“the blues”) to its severest forms. The #1 reason that we recommend Unstuck is because Dr. Gordon concludes each chapter with a carefully designed Prescription for Self-Care, guidelines to help each person play an active, effective role in their own healing.

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