Coffee Tea’se; A Healthy Coffee Alternative



Product Description

Are you a coffee lover and just simply can’t break the habit? Hate the fact that you get such a crash at the end of the day? Try our all-new Coffee Tea’se tea! It is a tea that tastes like coffee! Impossible right?! Wrong! Roasted dandelion and chicory root are known for being popular coffee alternatives. They also help to promote liver and kidney health as well. Our tea blend has both, cocao nibs and yerba mate for lasting energy and no crash at the end of the day.

Coffee Tea’se is also less acidic than traditional coffee, a non-acidic healthy caffeine alternative, rich in antioxidants, enhances mental focus, healthy weight support, anti-inflammatory, immune boosting, aids in digestion support, and NO CRASH! 

*Disclaimer: Please make sure to consult a doctor before consumption to avoid interactions with medications. Do not consume if allergic to any ingredients. 


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